Make the upgrade to a VE (Volumetric Efficiency) based engine management system with the AEM Infinity, not only are we a licensed dealer but we are also certified factory trained AEM Infinity Tuners.
Drifting is an addiction we share with our clients as well, not only do we build drift cars but we drive out there with our clients as well.
We work with Arduino and Rasberry Pi to accomplish a variety of tasks that are typically too far down the rabbit hole. We work to make custom electronic packages when needed by providing both the hardware and coding to get your project done.
Racing is a passion we share with our clients. The next best thing to the real thing is a simulator, we have worked on a variety of simulator projects and are currently in development of someting really cool we are eager to share!

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Motec Systems Training

Mo' Learning at MoTec dealer training in Los Angeles

I can't say enough good things about my experience at MoTec dealer training. After aquiring a much deeper knowledge of their products and overall methodology I really do understand now what the hype is all about and what sets them apart as a motorsport electronics company.

CANAM Karting Challenge finishes out final round at Pats Acres Racing Complex

As the CANAM Karting Challenge finishes with it's final stop at Pats Acres Racing Complex large amounts of adrenaline and fun can be found behind the wheel of every driver as they push beyond their limits on this technical track. There is a good reason PARC is one of the nations most beloved gokart tracks.

Out with the glass, in with the class

Our good friend Matt Kincaid is doing a pretty epic transformation on his WRX right now. When I first met Matt back in 2012 he was making some pretty big changes to his car then but I never would have predicted the moves he is making now.

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