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Link G4 Monsoon

Link G4: Monsoon


Onboard 4 Bar Map Sensor, gearshift Control, Launch Control, Anti-Lag, VVT Control, Closed Loop Boost Control

Brilliant Simplicity

Posted by J. Erickson, Aug 9, 2017

I've had this ECU & RD tune for almost 2 years now in my Beams AE86 and it's been awesome!

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New Year, New Beginnings

If we were to say 2019 had some surprises for us it would be a massive understatement for the year we had. As many of you know our shop at 921 4th st. in Washougal caught fire due to an accident at a neighbors unit. This happened on a Sunday morning around 1am and we found out about it around 4:30AM.

The Boosted Bond Car
Projects, Tuning

On the outside this car just looks like another clean classic Bimmer but under the hood of this 1969 BMW 2002 is a turbocharged M42 1.8 liter making 200HP to the wheels. When the car came in Joel (the owner) already had the engine swap done and was having some issues getting the car to run well. After looking things over we decided a Link Monsoon would be a good ECU to manage the engine. We also made a few other supporting mods to the intake plumbing with the help of Xcessive Manufacturing in Portland.

GTRLink, Making dreams come true
Projects, Tuning

A few weeks ago we got a call from our buddies over at Version Ex with some issues a customer was having with the factory MAF sensors after switching to a single turbo setup. Switching to a Link PNP was pretty much a no brainer. We got the GTRLink ordered up and with a quickness Link shipped us the ecu.

Savage Impression S14 Unleashed!
Projects, Tuning

We were proud to see Devin of Savage Impression ripping his S14 at Bash from Past this weekend. We helped get the S14 converted from an AEM Series 2 to an AEM Infinity along with installing & configuring his AEM CD-7 Digital Dash Display.

The car is currently running a GTX3076 on 12lbs of boost. We have the car outfitted with an AEM Flex Fuel sensor so next we are going to be tuning on E85 & converting from OEM shared coils & igniter to 1ZZ coils for a sequential ignition. The next tune will also be running more boost!

Travis Reeder: Formula D Pro2 Livery Install
Projects, Livery / Vinyl Graphics

Without a lot of time we were able to hustle to get an idea for a Livery Travis had in his head onto his car with only a couple days to make it happen. Travis a pretty good game plan of what he wanted and was able to sketch it for us on paper. From this Cyntia was able to bust out a mockup in Photoshop and once Travis gave us the green light we started vectorizing graphics in Illustrator & cutting vinyl. Travis's grandfather has been a huge inspiration as well as major help in his drifting career so Travis dedicated this livery to his Grandfather's plane "The Restless".

Travis got the car to us right away for the install and helped us get the graphics on the car late into the night. Saturday morning we had a livery on the car and then it was off to Atlanta for round 1!

Steven Redd: Gets interviewed by OMG Drift
Projects, Livery / Vinyl Graphics

On a test day at Spirt Peaks Raceway OMG Drift came out and did a feature on Steven Redd where they interview him discuss the transition from Rally driver to drifter. It's a great read as you'd expect from the guys at OMG Drift.

Announcing Strategic Partnership with Link Engine Management

We are proud to annouce we have become a Link Engine Management dealer. We will be carrying the full range of Link products along with some exciting Plug & Play kits coming to some of our favorite platforms.

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