May 01 2019


GTRLink, Making dreams come true

Projects, Tuning

A few weeks ago we got a call from our buddies over at Version Ex with some issues a customer was having with the factory MAF sensors after switching to a single turbo setup. Switching to a Link PNP was pretty much a no brainer. We got the GTRLink ordered up and with a quickness Link shipped us the ecu.

We cruised down to Eugene to Version Ex and got the ECU fitted into the case and added in provisions for oil temp and Lambda using AEM gauges the customer already had purchased. We ditched the factory MAF sensors and switched to the onboard Link 4 Bar MAP sensor. Once we synced throttle, MAP sensor and confirmed timing with a light we were good to go. First crank and she was running, you have to love the ease of a Link PNP ecu solution. Link has really done a great job with their Plug In ECU lineup. We have had this experience with all the Link Plug in ECU's we have installed.

Nate (the owner) was ecstatic to hear his car run and to be back on the street! While we were at the shop we made some upgrades to Devin's Savage Impression S14, we will have more updates to this car coming soon!

  • GTRLink Plug in ECU - Purchase on our store and we will get you going!
  • GTRLink Plug in ECU - Fitting the GTRLink into the stock ecu case
  • RB26DET with a single Borg Warner turbo upgrade - We can't wait to hear this baby spool up on the dyno
  • R32 Cockpit - My office for the day as I got the Link configured for the car.
  • A little F&F love - RIP Paul Walker
  • GTR Party - While we were getting Nate's GTR ready the guys were smashing on another R32 for a customer
  • Nissan love - It doesn't get much better than this
  • Update to Savage Impression S14 - We made some updates to the engine harness. More updates coming soon!
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