Jan 10 2020


New Year, New Beginnings

If we were to say 2019 had some surprises for us it would be a massive understatement for the year we had. As many of you know our shop at 921 4th st. in Washougal caught fire due to an accident at a neighbors unit. This happened on a Sunday morning around 1am and we found out about it around 4:30AM.

When we arrived to the scene we saw the remains of what used to be our shop and it seemed very bleak at first sight. Our immediate concerns were the cars we had in our shop. There was a hole in our garage door where the fire fighters cut through so we saw that they had survived but needed out immediately before the roof was to buckle. We had to a hole in our garage door large enough to get the cars out.

While we were in panic mode we had friends and family that came to our rescue staying and helping us shovel debris out of the way and salvage what was left of our belongings. One friend even went so far as to cancel his work day to help us. Within 30 minutes we had moved all the debris so the cars could be pulled out and the cars were safe. Before nightfall everything we were able to save was moved to a safe location. The next kind act from friends came from Rich at Xcessive Manufacturing. He offered to come help us move cars and allowed us to bring over all of our customer cars that were close to finishing over to his shop and finish them with a nice place to work.

My brother John Cooper also set us up a GoFundMe page which was also a huge help not only for the assistance it gave us in time of need but also for the support it showed us we had in our community. Even though a tragedy like this seemed very dark it brightened up quickly once we saw all the kindness everyone had shown us. We are hugely thankful to everyone for who helped us. We have some amazing friends and our family keeps growing every year. We also have some amazing clients that have been very understanding with everything that has happened and we can’t thank them enough.

Through the next few months we were able to continue on with our projects at Xcessive Manufacturing, Mikes Tire and our clients home garages. We continued to press on working like this until just recently an opportunity opened up for us. A local friend had a shop space come available just one block from our old shop! This is a shop that is very well setup for our needs and we couldn’t be happier with it. Since we’ve moved into our new space we are back to 100% and are ready to take on new projects once again! We welcome 2020 with much gratitude and will keep pressing on harder than ever! Be sure to come see us at our new shop address: 114 SE Weir st. Camas, WA 98607.

Another thing we have learned from 2019 is the importance of taking the time to tell the stories about the projects we work on. We are going to work harder this year to make more content so people can follow our builds and connect with us easier. Keep an eye out for our YouTube channel which we will be launching very soon!

  • Old Shop - Our building after the fire
  • Crispy - Our main work area
  • Interior - Our lobby, not much was salvaged here
  • Fire rescue - Washougal Fire Department
  • Fire cleanup - After getting cars pushed out of shop
  • R33 Skyline - Finishing up Mic's R33 at Xcessive on the dyno
  • 68 Camaro SS - Continuing on with the Camaro at Ken's home shop
  • S14 RB25 - Finishing up Brian's RB25 S14 at Xcessive on the dyno
  • Mustang GT - Cutch job on a Mustang at Mikes Tire
  • The new shop! - Nate's GTR came out clean and unscathed
  • Racers Division, LLC 2018