May 03 2019


The Boosted Bond Car

Projects, Tuning

On the outside this car just looks like another clean classic Bimmer but under the hood of this 1969 BMW 2002 is a turbocharged M42 1.8 liter making 200HP to the wheels. When the car came in Joel (the owner) already had the engine swap done and was having some issues getting the car to run well. After looking things over we decided a Link Monsoon would be a good ECU to manage the engine. We also made a few other supporting mods to the intake plumbing with the help of Xcessive Manufacturing in Portland.

Tuning the Link on Xcessive's Mustang dyno we made 198HP to the wheels and she gets there pretty fast! With how light this car is this and how quick the turbo spools up she makes a wicked fun daily! We are glad to see Joel finally driving his baby.

  • Racers Division, LLC 2018