• AEM Tuning

    Not only are we an AEM dealer but we also have experience tuning AEM Infinity, Series 2 and EMS 4 ecus. Our tuner is AEM Factory trained and will work with you to accomplish your tuning goals. We also offer trackside support where we watch your logs & adjust your tune as needed at the track.
  • Motec

    We have experience and factory training through Motec with the M800, M1, PDM, Display Creator and firmware programming. We are very comfortable working with Motec firmware as we have a very strong programming background.The Motec M1 combined with a PDM can achieve any performance goal you have no matter how unique your setup is.

The Method

Tuning is much more than simply putting the most power possible to the ground. It is rather a chance at designing the soul of the car. A chance to design... to perfection. We work with our clients to design the car to their specifications. We want the car to fit their own needs, wants, and desires. With comprehensive data logging we have everything we need to get you the results you want.

When tuning a car we look at several different pieces of the puzzle. A few places we give a large amount of attention to is: Volumetric Efficiency, Engine Vitality, Potential Bottlenecks, Fuel Mapping, Ignition Mapping and inherent engine design flaws to overcome. There are much more pieces to building a perfect tune but these are the areas we spend the most work.

We also understand the importance of tuning for the street versus tuning for the race track. When tuning for the street we put our emphasis on safety and reliability. We also can help you set your car up to run on alternative fuels such as: E-85, Water Methanol Injection, Nitrous Oxide and Hydrogen.

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